Project & Program Execution Planning

Effective plans are essential in realizing project success. Complex strategic initiatives require a great deal of effort to plan and manage effectively. Ensuring that plans are complete, cohesive and aligned with organizational strategies is crucial. Our planning services can help to accelerate your strategic initiatives and provide the objectivity and independent review that will satisfy even the most critical executives.

Whether you’re planning a single project or a program of initiatives, our consulting and facilitation skills provide objective, independent and expert guidance to support your planning efforts. We adopt a team-based, facilitative approach to planning that combines the expertise of your organization with our project planning model.

One of the most intriguing projects we’ve been involved with was facilitating a group of astrophysicists in the mountains of British Columbia. We guided them through the development of a comprehensive project plan for a new radio telescope control system that enabled them to fully plan out the work requirements, but also highlighted and addressed significant procurement challenges that otherwise could have derailed the project.

One of the greatest challenges of planning is the development of effective estimates. We can guide you through the estimation of a complex program or initiative, or help to provide objective validation and independent review of the estimates produced by your project teams. Interthink Consulting is also expert in the development of estimation capabilities, helping your organization to develop consistent, reliable estimates based upon objective historical data.

The result of our planning efforts is a clear, understandable and above all actionable project plan that contains all of the critical information required for project execution as well as effective executive oversight. The right information, at the appropriate level of detail, provides all stakeholders with the information needed to understand their roles and deliver on their obligations.