Project Governance & Design Assessment

Project governance is a critical role in ensuring effective oversight of strategic initiatives. Project sponsors and steering committee members are charged with making decisions on behalf of the organization, to ensure that the project is successful and that it can deliver its desired outcomes. They are responsible for defining expectations, exercising power and verifying performance of a strategic project or program.

Many strategic initiatives struggle with a lack of appropriate oversight, or with governance structures that are too complex and convoluted to support effective decision making. For many executives, however, their experience in a project world is limited. Project governance is at times assumed to be simple an extension of organizational decision making. The consequence is ineffective, inappropriate or ill-timed decisions and projects that struggle to successfully deliver.

A recent engagement involved reviewing the project team and governance structure for a major organizational transformation project. The project team structure was logical and appropriate, but the governance structure was completely unwieldy. There were no fewer than three dozen advisory and oversight bodies, with no role clarity and incomplete identification of who was accountable for what. We recommended a completely streamlined structure that had one decision making group and three advisory groups, providing all of the necessary oversight with virtually no role overlap.

Interthink Consulting are experts in project governance. We have the skills, knowledge and objectivity to be able to design an effective governance structure for your new strategic program or project, or to evaluate and assess your existing one. Our approach defines the structure, processes, communication strategies, decision making protocols and formal lines of accountability required for effective oversight.

We collaboratively work with clients to understand the culture and political environment in which the project will exist, and to design a project governance framework that is appropriate. We ensure clarity of decision making and advisory roles, and are able to provide training, mentoring and coaching to ensure that everyone is able to successfully fulfill their roles. The result is a project where everyone is clear about obligations, decision making responsibility and authority, where appropriate decisions are made in a timely manner and all stakeholders have a clear understanding of expectations and commitments.