Project Audit & Recovery Assessment

In a perfect world, projects would go strictly according to plan. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. In the world we do occupy, projects frequently struggle and often fail to successfully deliver their objectives. Execution challenges, unanticipated issues and unavailable resources are only a few of the many roadblocks that derail project progress. Whether a project is in trouble, or the prospect of cancellation looms, there is a need to get an accurate assessment of the current status of a project, the challenges to date and what can be done to recover.

A recent audit engagement represented an interesting challenge: evaluate nearly 200 completed projects, to assess whether the organization was improving in how it managed its projects, and whether it was delivering on the promise of its business cases. While there were still opportunities to improve the process, major insights had already been gained; a key change that led to continued improvement was instituting a formal process to share the lessons learned and project reviews of completed projects with all project teams in the organization.

Our project audits provide an objective and independent view of current performance and project management capabilities. Not only do we have extensive expertise in conducting audits and assessments in both the private and public sectors, we also have a strong record of success in managing projects and supporting process improvement. As a result, our expertise lets us understand what to look for, the impact of the problems we find and the probability of success in framing our recommendations.

Whether for a portfolio, program or strategic initiative, we can help ensure your project efforts deliver real value. We proactively work with your organization to review the plans, processes and structures in place and the results that have been realized—or missed. We provide concrete and actionable guidance on how to proceed forward to optimize the likelihood of success, and how to reframe and restructure failing project efforts. The result is expert and objective guidance that executives can rely on in making a go-forward decision.