Organizational Project Management Assessment

To define where you are going, and the path you need to take to get there, you must first understand where you are starting from. Our assessment services provide the necessary information and insight to plan your improvement journey. Whether you are just beginning to enhance your project management practices, or are well advanced in your project management journey, we can help you to ensure you get the greatest value possible from your project management investment.

Interthink Consulting is able to support a range of different assessment approaches. A significant proportion of our consulting engagements begin with some form of assessment. Each assessment is tailored to the specific needs and focus of the engagement.

A major national organization has made a significant investment in improving their project management practices. In doing so, they have embraced and incorporated our PM:RoadMap maturity assessment as a means of checking on their progress and guiding their improvement planning. Through four separate assessments, they have monitored improvements in overall maturity and consistency, and used the results to hone and fine tune their on-going improvement plans.

A particular area of emphasis is our ability to assess organizational project management maturity. Designed to understand both the effectiveness and consistency by which an organization manages its projects, our PM:RoadMap assessment process provides a comprehensive view of organizational practices. Our framework was one of the first maturity models in the industry, and has been relied upon by leading project management organizations worldwide. As well, we were extensively involved in the Value of Project Management research project sponsored by PMI; this international research effort, the largest in the project management field, provided key insights into the value organizations could realize from specific organizational improvements.

Our project management assessment services help organizations to understand the state of their current practices, define their performance objectives and identify those improvements that will have the greatest impact on realizing their goals. Assessment results include comparison against a benchmark database of over 650 organizations from around the world, allowing you to evaluate not just where your capabilities are but how they compare to other organizations. The result is an objective, comprehensive and justifiable set of recommendations on how to continue to improve your project management practices.