Team Effectiveness Consulting

It has been said before, but it bears repeating; people are how things get done. In particular, things get done by teams of people. That is both a strength, and a daunting challenge. When there is alignment, role clarity and a common sense of purpose, teams can create extraordinary outcomes. When alignment disappears, role conflict predominates and any sense of purpose goes out the window, productivity craters and divisiveness becomes the norm.

Whether operational or project-based, building a successful team is essential. Our team effectiveness consulting is designed to support the design of stable and constructive teams from the outset. We are also able to conduct team reviews, and can have significant impacts in realigning team performance in the face of problems and communication breakdowns.

An organizational change effort with a major government department wasn’t just about creating a new way of working; it was also intended to improve the collaboration and functioning of the executive team in how they worked together. We guided them through an on-going series of activities that included one-on-one consultations, group workshops and extensive organizational design efforts. The result of this effort resulted in the hoped-for process improvements, but what members of the executive team highlighted as the most important result were significant improvements in co-operation, honest communication and trust that had not been present at the outset of the improvement effort.

We employ a range of tools and strategies to support building and sustaining an effective team environment. We collaborate extensively with the team sponsor, leader and members to understand the overall objective and purpose of the team. We review the structure, accountabilities and responsibilities necessary to ensure role clarity and effective team functioning. We facilitate the development of group norms, provide frameworks to collaborate as well as to manage conflict, and can provide an on-going coaching and mentoring role or periodic team check-ins to ensure team performance stays at optimal levels. The result is an aligned, enthusiastic, effective and committed team with a clear picture of success and the commitment to attain it.