Team Development Facilitation

Building an effective team at the outset of a project is absolutely critical for success. Some of the most effective team development strategies employ external support and facilitation; this enables the team leader to be an equal participant, and ensures that no one presence within the team dominates in its formation.

Despite extensive groundwork in preparation for a team development workshop, it became readily apparent just a couple of hours into the session that other issues were getting in the way of moving forward. A check-in with the group highlighted concerns about trust and openness that were leading people to question whether there was a sincere commitment to team development. Rather than proceeding with the planned agenda, we shifted gears to tackle head-on the new information that had emerged. Over two days, including discussions that went well into the first evening, the team was able to attain a new level of honesty in their interactions. While not the session that was planned, the results strongly positioned the team to continue its work at a follow-up workshop.

Interthink Consulting has been supporting team building and development sessions for decades, and we have a range of tools, strategies and techniques at our disposal to ensure a successful team kick-off. We work extensively and collaboratively with the team sponsor and team leader to understand the objectives of the team, the challenges it faces and the critical success factors for effective team collaboration. Our sessions are specifically designed to respond to the needs of the team and support creation of the needed outcomes.

Whether a few hours or a few days in length, we are able to work with you to design, deliver and facilitate an exceptional team development process. We are able to collaborate in the use of experiential exercises, personality assessments, behavioural style assessments and problem solving exercises, as appropriate. The approaches we adopt are only those that directly support the required outcomes of the team. Throughout, there is a clear alignment of the activities that we undertake with the objectives that the team development process needs to deliver. The result is a team kick-off that best positions your team for collaborative success.