Cultural Transformation

Change is hard. In particular, the hardest part of implementing a new way of operating is ensuring the alignment of actual behaviours with the expectations and needs of the organization. We provide a full range of transformation consulting services, helping to ensure that your organization benefits from complete alignment of role, process and structure and that your staff has the skills and capabilities necessary to be successful.

Change requires support from the top down, but everyone needs to be involved. A major transformation project involved implementing a new way of managing projects for an entire municipality. This included new processes, new systems, new templates and structures and rolling out an extensive, role-appropriate training program. Building on this foundation, the organization has continued to evolve its processes. What is most rewarding for us is the number of individual employees that even today highlight the sessions as among the most valuable and relevant in their careers.

Interthink Consulting has considerable experience in supporting change management efforts. Our expertise includes supporting changes to process, to structure and to behaviour; these are the core elements of any organizational function, and the ones that need to change if cultural transformation is to succeed. Our services are highly consultative and facilitative in nature. We work extensively with the executives, management and affected staff in the organization. We take the time to understand the desired outcomes of the change, the reasons it is being contemplated and the impacts the change will have—positive and negative. We help to build and communicate the case for change, and to design the support and transition process that will be required for the transformation to take effect. The result is a designed strategy that promises change will be real, lasting and effective.