Project Teams

Projects represent unique decision making environments. Project managers and teams face a constant stream of decisions in successfully delivering their project outcomes. The process of planning a project is a progressive series of decisions, culminating in the actual decision to go ahead with the project. Issues arise, risks must be dealt with, change needs to be managed and evolving stakeholder expectations need to be contained. As well, project managers support governance teams in making on-going decisions regarding the viability and relevance of the project.

The Decision Effectiveness Workshop for Project Teams is designed to support project managers, team members and other project stakeholders in developing a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the decision making process. Participants learn the influences and biases that often unconsciously filter into how decisions are made. They explore the manner in which decisions can be manipulated, in order to more objectively and factually present information and support the decision process, avoiding the potential for deception or inappropriate influence. They develop the insight necessary to assess the decision making culture in the organizations they support. Participants also gain an appreciation for the personal role they play in making decisions, and how to confidently and effectively make choices themselves or support the decision making process of others. The result is improved clarity in how projects are managed, better understanding of the roles and accountabilities for decisions within the project and greater transparency and project management effectiveness.