Operational Teams

The primary focus of operations management is consistency, repeatability and the reduction of variation in the operations of organizations. This very emphasis on consistency, however, can also lead to complacency in how decisions are made; we have all seen organizations function in specific ways because “That’s the way it’s always been done here.” The decisions that operational managers and teams make vary on a continuum from routine and repetitive to very unique. Making effective decisions requires recognizing the nature of a particular choice. It is important to clarify the inherent complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity associated with a decision.

The Decision Effectiveness Workshop for Operational Teams is designed to provide operational managers and key stakeholders with strategies and techniques to improve their on-going decision making effectiveness. Participants explore how biases can unconsciously influence how decisions are made. They gain an understanding of how decisions can be shaped by how information is presented and conveyed, and how to more objectively assess decision choices. The cultural, process and political influences on decision making are explored, and participants learn how to assess and understand the organizational factors that also influence decision making effectiveness. They develop strategies to improve their ability to provide decision support, and to make effective choices in those decisions they are responsible for. The result is a clearer picture of the role of decision making, understanding of the influences that shape decisions and a greater ability to support clear and effective decision making on an on-going basis.