What We Do

Strategy. Decision making. Project management. Our services are focussed at the nexus of how organizations define themselves, make choices and create meaningful change.

Interthink Consulting Incorporated is small, focussed and driven. In fact, we really do only one thing: supporting customers realize their future potential.

We develop organizational approaches to conceiving, deciding on and managing this change. We create the tools to measure and demonstrate the resulting value, effectiveness and contribution to the organization as a whole. We focus on a select few key capabilities — strategy, decision making, project management and organizational development — and we integrate them to create scalable and flexible means to implement consistently effective project solutions across any organization.

Interthink pioneered the development of organizational project management and the practices that define it. From the development of the Project Management Process Model (PM2) in 1993, to the launch of the Organizational Project Management Baseline Study, a multi-year research effort that has been instrumental in benchmarking more than 650 organizations from around the world, Interthink is dedicated to helping organizations learn to manage their projects successfully. We were instrumentally involved in the comprehensive Value of Project Management project sponsored by the Project Management Institute, and most recently have been conducting ground-breaking research in the fields of decision making and strategy.

At Interthink, our practice is built on the following principles:

  • We deliver practical, relevant and implementable solutions that work
  • We have the courage to make honest, objective and forthright recommendations
  • We don’t pretend to be all things to all people; we focus on specific services and skills, and we perform those services very well
  • Our project results measurably have an impact on our customers; we deliver substantive recommendations that are aligned, applicable and actionable