Project Management Methodology Implementation (Electrical Utility)

Implementation of a new process of managing projects for a major utilities firm.

We were responsible for the full deployment of a project and work management methodology framework for the Information Systems division of a major Canadian power company. In conducting this multi-year project, we were instrumental in the development of the vision of how the organization would approach its project management, and the transition of that vision into a reality. This included:

  • Development of project gating, project management and work management frameworks.
  • Customization and integration of systems delivery and business implementation methodologies.
  • Selection, adaptation and implementation of both stand-alone and organizational project management and tracking software, and overseeing the development of a customized work management solution.
  • Responsibility for the implementation and creation of a project-focussed culture, including on-going stakeholder communications, support and guidance.
  • Delivery of training and on-going mentoring and coaching services.

The result of this engagement was the creation of a project-focussed organization that represents a quantum shift from their previous culture. Staff are aware of and understand the need for project management, all projects within the division adhere to a standardized methodology, and the organization has been successful in delivering several large, mission-critical and time-sensitive projects. Most recently, the methodologies were instrumental in the effective and smooth integration of the systems group of a newly acquired organization.