Managing Project Teams & Leading People

Advanced Program in Project Management

4 Days

The ability to successfully manage projects requires an effective means of managing and motivating people. In many instances, this will include managing and coordinating project staff that the project manager has little or no direct authority or control over.

Project managers have also need to effectively manage develop teams and build an appreciation of the individual preferences and behaviours that each of these team members presents to the project. By developing an appreciation for the different approaches that people use to communicate and interact, we are also able to recognize the preferences of others and build effective strategies to successfully connect and engage with them.

This module focuses upon understanding and communicating effectively, and getting the results that organizations truly desire from their projects. The workshop will explore means of managing and influencing effective individual and team behaviours, and managing direct and indirect reporting relationships. The workshop also explores project and organizational reporting relationships and the influence of politics on interactions with other stakeholders within the organization.

As a component of this module, participants will also be taken through an evaluation of personality preferences using the Insights Discovery™ model. Each participant will receive an Insights Discovery Personal Profile and, as a group, will be familiarized with how different preferences influence team dynamics, communications and work styles.

Participants will gain a solid understanding of the leadership role and challenge of project managers. This module will:

  • Explore the meaning and role of leadership in the context of project management.
  • Evaluate the tools and models of leadership and their relevance to managing in project environments.
  • Discuss the dynamics and interactions that govern how teams operate, and explore strategies to build and maintain effective team motivation.
  • Explore the organizational dimension of leadership, and the role that politics plays in influencing project outcomes,
  • Introduce a definition of project management that fully embraces the responsibilities, obligations and expectations introduced throughout the certificate program.

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