More About The APPM

Our Philosophy Of Project Management

From the outset, our philosophy of project management has been grounded in a single, fundamental principle: there is no one right way to manage projects.

While there are numerous standards, guides and processes that describe how projects are managed, each of these simply offers on possible perspective. The right approach depends upon the culture and environment of the organization, the objectives and value they seek to realize from their projects and project management, and the practices and approaches that will best realize these outcomes.

This philosophy has fundamentally influenced the development of the Advanced Program in Project Management. The program has been developed from the outset to explore the various methods and approaches by which strategic projects can be delivered. It presents not just one approach, but multiple. The curriculum is designed to stretch and expand the perspectives and capabilities of its participants, providing a range of potential solutions by which to manage strategic projects.

For the project leader, manager, consultant or change agent who is looking to expand on their practical and process-based knowledge of delivering projects, this is the program for you. We provide the perspective, tools and guidance to continue your journey towards project management mastery.

The Value Of The Program

The Advanced Program in Project Management is designed for those responsible for managing large, complex, strategic and mission-critical undertakings. The program provides the perspective, tools and expertise necessary to successfully realize results.

Unlike many certificate programs that introduce the essential processes or knowledge areas associated with project management, the Advanced Program in Project Management aims higher. The typical participant has several years of industry experience, and has often already had introductory training in project management.

We build on this foundation to create advanced leadership capabilities in managing projects. The program integrates advanced concepts, tools and approaches with extensive hands-on learning opportunities. Participants gain exposure to a broad array of skills, including:

  • Analyzing and assessing the organizational influences on effectively managing projects.
  • Developing the effective leadership, communication and team development skills necessary to collaborate and work in team environments effectively.
  • Creating a powerful and comprehensive process for managing projects, drawing on an array of alternatives and perspectives to develop an approach that works.
  • Establishing a leadership approach that integrates the full learnings of the program and creates an effective model for project and organizational leadership.

Program Outcomes

The Advanced Program in Project Management is unique in its ability to provide participants with the advanced skills necessary to succeed in managing a wide variety of complex projects. Participants in the program benefit from a number of outcomes:

  • Exposure to a variety of leading-edge techniques and approaches, and the insight to know how to apply and use them effectively.
  • Insights into current research and best practices, while receiving practical and relevant guidance in how to effectively implement them in real-world circumstances.
  • Development of an extensive and powerful network of colleagues that provide an on-going source of collaboration, support and insight.
  • Support for on-going development and the attainment of relevant professional certifications, through the reinforcement of essential principles of adult learning.

What Makes Us Different

While there are many certificate options in the field of project management, there is only one Advanced Program in Project Management. For more than a decade, we have led the industry in providing experienced project managers with the skills and expertise to continue to advance in their profession.

The Advanced Program in Project Management is unique in its commitment to:

  • Deliver advanced instruction that provides an array of choices and approaches by which to manage and lead, and offer guidance in how to apply them to maximize success.
  • Draw on the latest research, practices and innovations, while offering the practical insight for successful implementation.
  • Fully embed the principles of adult learning through extensive use of exercises, case studies and discussions.
  • Offer a world-class faculty of instructors who each possess decades of real-world experience as well as advanced education in their fields.

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