Business Case Development & Value Realization

Advanced Program in Project Management

2 Days

Projects are essential tools for the delivery of strategic value to organizations. Critical to the initiation of projects is ensuring that they are correctly aligned strategically, that they are effectively prioritized and that they are appropriately justified. The justification of projects is a critical strategic exploration of the problem to be addressed, and the available options associated with finding a solution. Research amply demonstrates the value of multiple viable options in supporting effective and meaningful decisions. Successful justification decisions require feasibility studies and business cases that present reasonable alternatives and establish relevant and defensible assessments of the lifecycle costs and expected benefits associated with each solution option.

This module provides comprehensive guidance on identifying, evaluating and presenting strategic recommendations regarding project alternatives. It addresses the effort necessary to ensure strategic alignment of project opportunities as they are being evaluated. Participants gain insights in evaluating and developing appropriate and viable solution options, and ensuring effective assessment of each approach. Strategies for performance measurement and the estimation of costs and benefits that enable meaningful decision making are explored in detail. Methods of ensuring the realization of value as project results are implemented are also identified, as well as approaches developing organizational benefits realization approaches.

Participants will gain the understanding necessary to position project opportunities for success, ensure the implications and consequences of undertaking projects are identified up front and continue to able to be assessed as project results are delivered. This module will:

  • Provide strategies for evaluating strategic problems and developing viable alternative solutions.
  • Outline the implications of business cases on strategic decision making and provide guidance in recognizing and avoiding common decision making biases.
  • Guide the development of defensible, credible business cases that meaningfully represent the implications of each strategic option.
  • Explore performance measurement approaches to assess project results and their operational impacts.
  • Develop frameworks to support benefits realization and ensuring the attainment of value from strategic and organizational change initiatives.

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