Certificate Programs

Executive Education at the University of Alberta School of Business has partnered with Interthink Consulting, a leading project management consulting firm, to deliver a comprehensive set of project management certificate programs.

Our philosophy of education combines world-leading instruction, the latest research and insight into current practices and proven adult education techniques to deliver programs of unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

For participants in our project management programs, this means that you are learning from qualified, experienced instructors who are well versed in the management of large, complex projects in a variety of industries. Our instructional team not only draws on the latest research, they contribute to it through the conducting of ground-breaking studies like PMI’s Value of Project Management research project. You will learn practical and relevant skills that you have already applied In a variety of exercises, simulations and working sessions.

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Which Should I Take First?

Most participants begin with the APPM program, to develop a firm foundation of project management understanding. The program is designed to provide a solid and comprehensive understanding of advanced project management techniques that supports your continued journey to project management mastery.

More than 70% of graduates of the APPM program have gone on to get the PMP designation. The APPM curriculum is wholly compliant with the standards on which the certification is based. Many participants have relied solely on the content gained in the APPM to prepare for and challenge the PMP exam. Others have valued taking an additional preparation course focussed on successfully passing the exam.

We have also had participants in the APPM that have already attained their PMP, and are looking to reinforce and further develop their project management skills. As one participant noted, “When I took the PMP, I learned how to write the exam; when I took the APPM, I learned to become a project manager.”

The bottom line is, you can take our programs in the order most relevant to you. They both support each other, and our focussed on maximizing your value and effectiveness as a project manager.