Feedback – Mark Mullaly

Mark Mullaly has been invited to speak and present to audiences around the world. Read on for a small sampling of feedback from recent presentations.

On “All the World’s A Stage…”

“Excellent! The comparison with the theatre process was eye-opening. I found the conversation around the voice of judgment to be a particular whack on the side of my head…I have to think about that one in more depth! Thank you!”

“Very engaging presentation. Interesting to see what tips/techniques can be adopted from the stage. Thank you!”

“A fascinating insight into how PM methods are used in theatre production and how the processes are accepted & trusted without question or resistance, despite egos and ambitions. The business world & their project teams could stand to learn, adopt & trust.”

“Excellent topic. Best discussion I have heard on how teams “jell” since de Marco’s.”

“I found the presentation to be though provoking in rethinking and raising awareness of the importance of roles we are playing… all the time! Very good.”

“Interesting topic. I think the value to me in project management is the point that part of what makes preparing a production function so smoothly is that the process is well-defined and largely unquestioned. This is something for my organization to work on.”

“Really appreciated the theatre focus because it’s a well understood metaphor I can use to convey this information to others. The idea that constraints are what force creativity is also great because it refutes the often voiced frustration that constraints are taking away our creativity. Thanks again!”

“Awesome webinar, I really enjoyed seeing the similarities between theatrical productions and project management. Great takeaways. Thank you”

“What a great concept! I like the way the subject of project management was demonstrated through the eyes of the theater. Thanks!”

“Many thanks Mark for your very interesting and illumination of some things business can learn from the world of theatre. I also have a whole new respect now for a friend who has taken on the role of production manager for a local volunteer musical.”

“Thanks very much, Mark. Fascinating insights… My number one goal for the next few years is getting to the point where everyone understands and trusts the process, the way you described at the beginning.”

“Excellent!! Perhaps one of the best I’ve seen to date.”

On “Process, Structure & Agency: Investigating the ‘Project Shaper’ Role”

“Excellent and stimulating.”

“Valuable insight!!!”

“Interesting research; I’m eager to hear more. And I’m wondering if a more clearly defined “shaper” role or more widely defined influencer roles (or some structure put around these roles???) would have a positive effect on the number of projects that are successfully completed.”

“Again, quite an interesting presentation. Thanks. There are a number of decisions made around here that are based more on wishful thinking than objective analysis, with a huge degree of rationalisation involved after the event.”

“Interesting research; I am busy figuring out how it will apply to my work as an evaluator, where I often have influence in shaping programs as well as monitoring and evaluation. Thanks. Look forward to future webinars.”

“Clear structure and concept development. Thanks.”

“A well presented mass of information that scopes out and starts to define the project shaper role. The next steps look interesting to explore. Thank you.”

“When I hung up, my first comment was, “Wow!” This information was absolutely fascinating, and I look forward to Part 2! Mark, you’ve given me a lot of ponder about my organization, as usual.”

“Excellent webinar. Get the word out. Loved it!”

“I found it very helpful, as a PM I find the initiation of a project very frustrating, this has given me some informaton which will help me to influence what projects I am asked to take on and perhaps what questions I need to have answers to before accepting a project.”

“Thanks Mark. Excellent insight into cultural factors affecting the development of organizational project management.”

“Interesting, thought provoking topic. Thanks”

On “Yes! I Am Allowed To Do That!”

“Loved the webinar!”

“I see much of having the confidence to take action self esteem related. People with a healthy sense of self do not fall prey to ‘imposter syndrome’. They may be humble, but they are also quite proud of their accomplishments and rightfully so. Thanks for quoting Viktor Frankl – he was a genius and a true inspiration.”

“This is my first presentation – it will not be my last. Mark’s presentation was clear, engaging, informative, and enjoyable! It was also one of the most effective slide decks I have seen in awhile (simple, direct support to what he was SAYING). Well done!”

“The webinar allowed me to think in terms of boosting my confidence. Thank you.”

“Excellent. Highly informative. I would recommend this webinar to others.”

On “Covert Processes & Overt Change”

“This was my first webinar. I cannot believe how good it was. You touched many great points. Thank you.”

“Great topic and one that seems to be present in most organizations no matter which industry one works in.”

“Another great presentation. It was interesting to hear the discussion on work versus personal time while my phone has been ringing for the entire presentation. Sometimes you have to close the door and take the time.”

“Great as usual. It cuts to fundamental principles that can be universally applied. Also, very good not just for the organization, but also for the individual in work and life. Thanks!”

“Great webinar – very relevant in today’s business world. Difficult to act on in a world where more and more employers see their staff as another production asset to be disposed of if they make trouble.”

“Great topic, and very well presented. Thanks.”

“Great topic; as always highlights why communication is the backbone of PM.”

“Very well constructed presentation. Mark is always great.”

“Many thanks for a stimulating and important dose of dealing with the reality of people in organisations!”

“This was one of the best I have attended so far. The subtleties of human behavior & thought/mental processes were simply illustrated & well communicated. Very enjoyable….thanks from South Africa”

“This was great. Adding my own bottom line to this topic would be changing takes lots of time and effort to do it correctly.”

“”No one ever got empowered by criticism” Wow, how very profound! We typically criticize much more freely than we praise.”

“Thank you. Interesting content, certainly not a common approach in my corporation right now. Great graphics.”

“There were so many concepts that I learned years ago in therapy as part of my own personal growth; it’s refreshing to see those same concepts applied in a public, business setting, because they are certainly relevant! Excellent presentation!”

“Excellent and thought provoking presentation. Identifying the elephant(s) is always a challenge.”

“Great topic!”