Project & Program Strategy Design

Projects are the means by which strategic plans are implemented. The effective realization of organizational goals means that you need to have the right strategies defined, and be doing the right projects to deliver on those strategies.

Any project or program can be delivered through a variety of approaches. Evaluating delivery options, project and program structures and the processes to be employed is critical in positioning important projects for success. Determining how the project will be organized, how decisions will be made, the processes that will be employed and the approach by which results will be realized are all part of devising an effective strategy for key initiatives.

A major workflow project for a crown corporation amply demonstrated the challenges associated with developing effective strategy. At the outset, there was one presumed solution to the project. Through a comprehensive review of requirements and consultation with both internal stakeholders and outside vendors, we were able to identify a viable alternative strategy that would result in the same cost savings at just over one-third of the initial capital cost.

Our approach to designing effective project and program strategies focusses firstly on clearly understanding the business drivers and required outcomes. We facilitate a comprehensive review of the stakeholder interests, objectives, driving priorities and organizational results required for project success. Based upon this foundation, we are able to support development of the potential delivery approaches and the organizational structures necessary to realize the expected results. The result is a management approach, delivery strategy and governance structure that is best positioned for successful execution.