Project Management Assessment (Finance)

Process assessment for a leading financial services firm.

We were instrumental in the evaluation of organizational project management practices of a leading Canadian financial services organization. Already 18 months into the development of their project management organization, there was a need to evaluate the progress of the organization to date, and establish a baseline from which further progress could be measured.

Using our Organizational PM Assessment framework, we conducted an accelerated assessment of their current project capabilities. Over 40 staff from the organization – consisting of project managers, sponsors, senior managers, customers and the project management office – completed comprehensive evaluators that identified their current understanding of how the organization approaches its project management. These results were compiled and analyzed to identify not only the capabilities and processes being used, but the degree to which they were understood and consistently utilized within the organization.

As a result the organization understands its progress to date, and has a solid base from which they can evaluate the progress and impacts of further improvement efforts. The recommendations of the study have become the basis of this year’s planned improvement efforts, and plans are in place for a detailed follow-up evaluation next year to benchmark progress and provide a basis for the continued evolution of the organization.