Next Webinar: So You’re a Manager… Now What?

When I became a manager, I was incredibly naïve about what it meant ‘to manage’. I micro-managed everything. I had no sense of how to spend my time. I rushed from one task to another without any attempt to think about what I should be doing and ultimately, I failed in my new role. Not permanently, as I eventually succeeded. Make enough errors and—sooner or later—you figure out that you’re doing something fundamentally wrong.

What I wished I’d had in the early months of my promotion was some simple hints, some basic clues as to what I should be doing. Even the most basic of management concepts would have saved me—and my staff—a lot of anguish.

Over the next 25 years, I found myself doing a lot of writing and in looking back over this body of work, I discovered it contained the very articles I would have liked to have read many years ago.

This month’s webinar explores these most rudimentary of management skills. Join us and you’ll gain:
– An understanding of how ‘doing’ differs from ‘managing the doers’
– An appreciation of how feedback shapes a department
– Insights on when and how to hire staff
– Acceptance of the notion that when we fire someone we’ve failed, and that there’s a lesson to learn
– The need to build, maintain and defend trust within your department
– How to promote the communication of problems, and encourage the proposal of solutions
– The importance of delegating as your first management skill

So, if you’re about to become a supervisor/manager, or you’re ‘new’ to the role, or you’re going to inflict this role on others? Then this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

As always, spread the word to those who might be interested in this webinar. You’re welcome to point entire associations, companies and small countries to these links. You would be doing us a favour if you did pass this on.

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Join us on 25 September 2019:

  • 10:00 AM MST/12:00 PM EST – Click here to register
  • 4:00 PM MST/6:00 PM EST – Click here to register

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