Next Webinar: Rethinking The Project Sponsor Role

Ask virtually anyone in the field of project management about the role of project sponsor, and they’ll tell you the role is vital to project success. Ask them what that role actually does, however, and you’ll get an astonishing array of answers. Ask them for great examples of project sponsorship and—sadly—you’ll like come up empty-handed.

Project sponsors are vital. Our projects need effective governance, and we need executives that are qualified to perform a project governance role. All to often, though, we find ourselves lacking on both points.

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly dives head first into the world of project sponsorship. He explores where the role came from, and what it is supposed to do. Mark also explores how the role is practiced, and the challenges that are frequently encountered—by sponsors, and by project managers. Most importantly, he proposes a redefinition of the role that best aligns the needs of organizations, projects and project teams. He provides guidance to project managers on how to negotiate and interact with their sponsors, and provides guidance to project sponsors on how to effectively guide and set expectations for their project managers.

Whether you are a project manager, a project sponsor or someone caught in between, this is a presentation you won’t want to miss. You’ll gain valuable insight, practical guidance and the capacity to reframe and renegotiate the most critical relationship on your project.

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Join us on 28 February 2019:

  • 10:00 AM MST/12:00 PM EST – Click here to register
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