Next Webinar: Context, Culture and “It Depends”

For those that have in any way spent time with me, they know that my favourite answer to most questions is, “It depends.” Particularly if you’ve seen my speak, attended a workshop or have experienced me in consulting mode, you’ll have quickly realized that I utter that phrase more than any other.

What that quickly highlights is that the real question isn’t whatever was initially asked. The real question should, in many instances, be an exploration of, “What does it depend on?”

As a species, we like simple answers. We like clear-cut choices. We like knowing that there is a right way to do things. This is a hard-wired preference, for the most part. It means that we get to use the part of our brain that doesn’t need to work so hard, and likes to simplify and take short-cuts whenever possible.

Once we get into the realm of strategy, complex projects and far-reaching organizational change, however, things get a lot less cut-and-dried very, very quickly. We are now firmly engaged in the realm of human politics, organizational culture and inter-personal relations. We have to sift and sort and make sense of the messy and complex and seemingly contradictory messages the organization is sending us. We need to plot a strategy, make choices as things change and navigate a course somewhere between what is preferable and what is possible.

This webinar tries to take a practical look at how to do this. There are no simple solutions in this work, of course. There is no single answer of, “Here, do this and you’ll be fine.” But there are common themes and strategies of how this work can be approached. There are approaches that can be taken and tools that can be leveraged. There is a thinking process we can rely on to help us to navigate the messy doing process.

If you’re looking for easy answers, I’m afraid that you won’t find them here. But if you accept the messiness, and are looking for some insights to tease out some order and insight, then this is the webinar for you. Be sure to join Mark Mullaly as he explores context and culture and what it successful change actually depends upon.

As always, spread the word to those who might be interested in this webinar. You’re welcome to point entire associations, companies and small countries to these links. You would be doing us a favour if you did pass this on.

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Join us on 5 April 2018:

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