Workshop: Revisiting Project Management Processes: Exploring What Works (And Doesn’t) For Organizations

Projects are about how organizations deliver change. The quality of our project management practices fundamentally shapes our ability to manage change successfully.

The challenge is that not all practices work for all organizations. The idea of “best practices” is appealing, but at the same time it is impractical and inappropriate. Building project management approaches that work requires contextual understanding, customization and care.

So much of what works in managing projects is grounded in “it depends.” We need to revamp our approach to the situation at hand, the project we are trying to manage and the organization we are working within. While it is normal to want clear rules and concrete guidance, the more complex and uncertain the challenge the greater the need for flexibility and adaptation.

Please join us for a complimentary workshop with Mark Mullaly. Explore how to adopt and evolve organizational practices. Gain further insights into both research and practical approaches that make a difference in adopting, developing and implementing process. Learn what truly drives effective project management. And find out more about our project management programs, offered in partnership with Executive Education at the University of Alberta School of Business.

Join us at Executive Education on Thursday, 14 September 2017 (Room 2-157, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue in Edmonton) for an interactive workshop that will redefine how you think about process, projects and success.

To register, please contact Alexandra McMillan:
t: +1-780-492-2260

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