Webinar: Adapting Project Management for the Real World (Recording Posted)

This webinar is part of a series of information sessions hosted for the project management certificate programs that are jointly offered by Interthink Consulting and Executive Education at the University of Alberta School of Business.

Download the slides here.

As noble a discipline as project management might be, it is still looked on with mistrust by some. It can be seen as overly rigid and bureaucratic. Overly linear and traditional by others. Some value it, some question it and some loathe it.

The problem as a project manager is what to do with that reality. The project needs to be managed, the work needs to be done, and the deadlines are still firm, rigid and looming.

The fundamental reality (and this is arguably true in many aspects of life) is that there is a difference between what is theoretically optimal and what is practically useful. And, if we are completely honest with ourselves, there is a difference between what is theoretically optimal and how theory actually gets written down.

The result is that we need to adapt our approach to the circumstances at hand. The challenge is how to do that effectively. What do we keep and what do we give up? What do we compromise on and where do we hold firm? How do we manage to success in the face of opposition, resistance and skepticism? Join Mark Mullaly as he explores what it takes to manage a project in the real world, and how to adapt your approach to the different circumstances that you face.

For anyone facing the challenges of how to practically manage projects in a way that works, this webinar will offer some useful suggestions, perspectives and strategies.

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