Webinar – Project Management & Value Proposition Design: Reframing How We Think About Projects

When it was published in November 2014, Value Proposition Design became an instant bestseller. Value Proposition Design is focussed on ensuring that innovators build value into the products and services they design. The framework has been developed to provide innovators, entrepreneurs and designers with a structure and framework to design solutions that directly meet customer needs.

While not a primary focus, Value Proposition Design also has a huge amount to offer to project managers. It offers a perspective that could fundamentally reframe how project managers collaborate with their stakeholders and sponsors. By adapting and applying the principles outlined in Value Proposition Design, project managers have the opportunity to completely rethink how they approach negotiating project requirements, and managing stakeholder expectations. Value Proposition Design provides a powerful framework to not just rethink product and service value, but also how project deliver value to customers, stakeholders and the organizations they serve.

Join Mark Mullaly as he unpacks the principles of the Value Proposition Design model and what it means to project managers. He presents the essentials of how Value Proposition Design works, and then explores how they can be adapted to the world of projects and project management. The result is a collaborative, highly visual way of thinking about stakeholders and requirements that provides a fact-based way of testing and verifying what your projects really need to deliver. This is a presentation that you won’t want to miss.

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This webinar series is a de Jager & Co and Interthink Consulting production.

Join us on 27 January 2015:

  • 10:00 AM MST/12:00 PM EST – Click here to register
  • 6:00 PM MST/8:00 PM EST – Click here to register

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