Webinar – The Strange Attraction of Organizational Culture

One of the most prominent management buzz phrases is “Organizational Culture”, and given the difficulty most organizations encounter as they attempt to change their existing culture, or even as they try to define it, the word “Culture” would appear to have almost magically incomprehensible properties.

Defined simplistically, “Organizational Culture” is a collection of specific behaviours that are in synch with the often unstated values of the organization, and it supports and reinforces a sometimes similarly unstated vision of our work environment. The assumption is that If we know our values and our vision for the future, and if we can specifically identify our currently existing behaviours that are sub-optimal or ineffective, then we might be able to define and implement better replacements. If we can do all this, then perhaps we can put together a transition plan to move from the existing “undesirable culture” to the more desirable “future culture”.

Notice all the qualifiers signifying uncertainty. Nothing about understanding “culture” is easy, mostly because our perception is that, “Culture is just is what it is”. Everything about changing a culture becomes even more difficult because of this perception.

In this month’s episode Peter will attempt to dig a bit deeper into the buzz phrase we’ve all come to love and loathe.

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Join us on 28 August 2014:

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