Webinar – Presentations: Making Every Opportunity Count

All of us have to present. Many of us, given the choice, would really rather not. Fear of speaking is one of the biggest phobias in North America; in fact, research participants have indicated they prefer to receive electric shocks than present in public. The inherent challenge, of course, is that if we fear something, we tend to avoid doing it. And what we avoid, we tend not to do very well.

Mark and Peter speak for a living. A side benefit of speaking so much is we also get to see many, many presentations and speeches given by others. A rare few were awesome. Many more could have been much better. And several were just downright abysmal. But they didn’t have to be.

A well known maxim is, “If you are going to do something, make sure you do it well.” This holds true for anything in life, including speaking. Whether we are delivering a workshop, pitching a new project, speaking at a conference or leading a conference call, every time we are in front of an audience is an opportunity. Present well and we stand the chance to maximize that opportunity; present poorly, and we waste that opportunity.

In this presentation, Peter and Mark combine forces to jointly share the hard-won learnings of our years of speaking and presenting. We explore how we prepare, how we structure and how we deliver presentations. We will explore what makes a good presentation, and what makes a great one. We will share our insights about what works and why, as well as what to avoid. In particular, we will explore how to apply and adapt those strategies to your own speaking opportunities. The result is years of learning the hard way, distilled into a sixty minute guide to making every speaking opportunity count.

As always, spread the word to those who might be interested in this webinar. You’re welcome to point entire associations, companies and small countries to these links. You would be doing us a favour if you did pass this note around a little bit.

This webinar series is a de Jager & Co and Interthink Consulting production.

Join us on 29 July 2014:

  • 10:00 AM MDT/12:00 PM EDT – Click here to register
  • 6:00 PM MDT/9:00 PM EDT – Click here to register

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