Webinar – Living in a VUCA World: Are You Ready?

The world feels a little bit crazy right now. In fact, it has for a while. Our organizations feel like semi-organized chaos on good days, and on bad days-well-it’s just chaotic. Things seem no better in the economy, in politics or in every day life on the streets. We are unnerved by uncertainty, challenged by complexity, arm wrestle with ambiguity and are vexed with volatility.

Welcome to VUCA. ‘VUCA’ originated in the Army War College in the 1990s, in programs of strategic leadership. It is an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

The value of the term, however, is not that it provides us with a nice sexy label with which to compartmentalize and dismiss all the things that we can’t manage. Though it does sound a lot more rational and reasoned than “It’s total chaos out there, and I have no freaking idea what to do!”

VUCA describes four critically different natures of uncertainty and complexity. Each of which has very real strategies and approaches by which they can be reasonably and appropriately managed. VUCA isn’t just the name of a new spade with which to shovel your uncertainties back under the carpet. It is a conceptual framework designed to let you think about challenges, frame them intelligently and establish a reasoned and appropriate response.

This webinar explores what VUCA means, where it came from and what it helps to explain. It delves into the chaos of uncertainty and the challenges of ambiguity, and it comes out the other side with some effective strategies to manage going forward. Join Mark Mullaly as he endeavours to provide tools you can use and perspectives you can employ to address the chaos of your environment.

Because it’s a VUCA world, baby. It’s time to get ready for it.

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Join us on 25 March 2014:

  • 10:00AM MDT/12:00PM EDT – Click here to register!
  • 6:00PM MDT/8:00PM EDT – Click here to register!

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