Webinar – Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Project management is not only for project managers. While it is important to manage stakeholder expectations and to maximize stakeholder satisfaction, there is also a growing need to educate stakeholders about what it takes to enable project managers to do their job properly. Despite the great deal of meaningful, value-add work that project managers do perform, there are still three elements that hinder their chances for success:

1. Heavy workloads need to be performed early on in the project;
2. There are no tangible deliverables for stakeholder analysis, building a proper charter, meaningful risk management and effective communication planning;
3. It is easy to take shortcuts and cut corners in these areas because no one will enforce them until they backfire, and by then it’s too late.

This eye-opening webinar will introduce concepts and discuss approaches that will help you articulate success criteria, focus your efforts on those things that matter most for the project and the organization, and help you manage stakeholder expectations effectively. This result? Far greater stakeholder satisfaction.

The Speaker is Ori Schibi, President of www.pmkonnectors.com and author of the book “Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success” (2013). With 23 years’ experience, he offers practical new ways of managing and dealing with projects.

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This webinar series is a De Jager & Co Limited and Interthink Consulting production.

Join us on 18 February 2014 at either of the following two times:

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