PMP Certification Process

To attain the PMP certification, there are a number of prerequisites that must be met in terms of training and experience. The requirements vary depending upon whether candidates have a four-year bachelor’s degree (or the global equivalent) or a high-school diploma equivalency.

The following chart outlines the experience requirements:

4 yr. Bachelor’s Degree High School Equivalency
Experience (Duration) 3 years 5 years
Experience (Hours) 4,500 hours 7,500 hours
Project Management Education 35 hours 35 hours

In addition, candidates must successfully pass the PMP certification exam. The exam is a 200-question, four-hour examination administered electronically at Prometric testing centres. There are testing centres located in Edmonton and Calgary.

The PMP Exam Preparation Workshop is designed to help participants through all stages of the certification process. If you meet (or are close to meeting) the eligibility requirements for the PMP Certification, we will guide you through the certification journey. We will help you to understand the application requirements, prepare and respond to potential audits and ensure that you are ready to successfully write the PMP certification exam.

We have an exceptional track record in supporting the certification process, with more than 97% of our workshop participants passing their exam on the first try.

More information about the PMP Certification Process can be found in the PMP Certification Handbook.